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A Brief Introduction
        Fujian Normal University Minnan Science and Technology Institute (MSTI) is one of the earliest independent colleges in Fujian Province. It was founded in 2001 and is duly recognized by the Fujian Provincial People's Government and the Ministry of Education as an independent institute of higher learning implementing full-time undergraduate education.
        MSTI relies on quality educational resources of the century-old elite school Fujian Normal University (FNU) and the investment of patriotic overseas Chinese in the Philippines to produce young professionals and experts who could address the current social and economic development of a rapidly developing society. The current chairman of the board is Mr. Dai Hongda, a famous Chinese community leader and industrialist of the Philippines. He is the honorary chairman of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Associations. The honorary dean is Professor Chen Lansun, a famous mathematician and chairman of the Chinese Mathematical Society Biomathematics division. The current dean of the college is Professor Qiu Yongqu.
        MSTI is located in Nanan City, Fujian Province with campuses in Kangmei and Meilin. It currently has an area of nearly 700 acres and is planned to increase to 1000 acres in the near future. It boasts a pleasant campus environment, with rich cultural atmosphere. The school is complete with teaching, laboratory, cultural, sports and living facilities. It currently has six academic departments: Department of Computer Science, Department of Information and Optoelectronic Science, Department of Chemistry and Life Science, Department of Economics and Management, Department of Arts and Humanities, and Department of Foreign Languages. It has two research and teaching departments: Department of Teaching and Research of Ideological and Political Theory and Physical Education Department.
        The school has a total of 22 undergraduate courses with disciplines including science, engineering, literature, management, economics etc. and has a total of 8,000 students.
        FNU ensures the quality of the teaching and management of MSTI with professional courses being taught by both the teachers of FNU and the school’s own full-time teachers. The school adheres to a "student-oriented" educational philosophy and values the all-round development of “morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetic” of students with the aim to nurture them into high-skilled, morally sound and well-rounded individuals. MSTI promotes school and enterprise cooperation with over 150 enterprises and institutions, establishing practical teaching bases for the growth and development of interns and “borrowing” corporate resources to offer “order-based”training programs to students. The school-enterprise titled classes include: “Joyou class”, “Senyuan class”, “Beian class”, “Suteng class”, “Yonghui class”, (Joyou, Senyuan, Beian, Suteng as well as Yonghui are local famous companies), among others. In recent years, the school’s graduate employment rate is quite high with an average of 98%. In 2007, 2008 and 2010, MSTI was was acknowledged as an outstanding institution for producing excellent graduates in Fujian Province and is also duly recognized and received high praise by all sectors of society.
        As a rapidly developing institution, MSTI shall continue onward with its mission statement of “cultivating successful students, giving parents reassurance, and satisfying the society” and shall adhere to the school motto of “Looking up at the star-filled sky while standing on solid ground” In addition, MSTI will exert the influence of overseas Chinese and the Hokkien Golden Triangle on our college’s future development, which includes the prosperous cities of Quanzhou, Zhangzhou and Xiamen. It shall actively explore new educational mechanisms as well as innovative modes of running the school and to continuously improve the quality of teaching. Finally, MSTI shall spare no efforts to develop itself into a school “based in Minnan and facing the west side of the straits”, to serve the regional economic and social development, and to be an application-oriented and technology-oriented private college.