This program aims to cultivate ppliedtalents who have a good command of the fundamental concepts and skills in advertising, including the knowledge of the essential features of advertisement, as well as the marketing, planning, creation, design, media and operations in advertising and other related fields of knowledge. Graduates are competent to work at news, media, and advertising agencies, advertising companies, market research and information consulting industries, various websites, business enterprises and public institutions. They can engage in operations and management, planning and copy writing, marketing planning, website operation, and information collecting and editing.

basics of fine arts, advertising photography, network advertisement design, introduction to advertising, history of Chinese and foreign advertising, mass communication, interpretation of movies, script writing, basics of film making, news interview and writing, the study of brands, creative graphics, new media advertising, public relations, marketing, advertising planning, advertising copy writing, creative advertising, advertising survey and effect research, program planning and implementation, advertising case studies, advertising psychology, advertising sociology, media industry management, introduction to cultural and creative industries, etc.

Degree granted:Bachelor of Arts